Thierry Ameller describes himself as a citizen of the world. Early in his life, he decides to leave his native country to study Photography, Cinema & Television, in England. Exhibitions of his photographic work will be displayed at the Canon Gallery in Paris and the famous Photographer’ s Gallery in London (in 1978 he was the youngest photographer ever exhibited).

His thirst for new horizons will lead him to Caracas in Venezuela, and Miami in The United States of America where, as a full time advertising photographer, he will produce images for all major advertising agencies and for most reputable international clients. He will receive many awards for the quality of his work. He has also worked as a director of photography for full length movies and has directed television commercials.

In 2006,  he moves back to his own roots in the South of France and becomes a full time resident in Nice, mostly working for the Marine Industry.

A life long love for the sea, and a professional life dedicated to conceive a new visual and creative point of view with the privilege of living in the heart of the French Riviera, are the ingredients that give Thierry the ability to put his skills to the service of the Marine Industry, which undoubtedly contributes to offer beneficial results to fulfill its client's needs.

During the 40 year span of his professional life, he has been assigned more than 5000 different jobs, some with the maximum responsibility in directing large teams of technicians and models.

When the highest level of quality is required, and when experience does make the difference, Thierry Ameller, commited to deliver the best,  is always ready to shoot at a moment's notice. He will take the latest assignment with the same fervour, emotion and passion, as he did for the first one.


Thierry Ameller, esprit curieux et épris de liberté, quitte la France très jeune et part étudier la photographie et les métiers de l’audiovisuel en Angleterre. Ses premiers travaux seront exposés à la Photographer's Gallery de Londres et à la Galerie Canon de Paris.

Il poursuit sa carrière à Caracas au Venezuela et à Miami aux États Unis. Il y exerce sa profession de photographe spécialisé dans la publicité. Il réalisera de nombreuses campagnes pour de prestigieuses agences de publicité au profit de clients de renommée internationale. Plusieurs prix lui seront décernés pour la qualité de ses travaux.

Au Venezuela, au cours de sa vie professionnelle, il a réalisé plusieurs films publicitaires, et a également occupé les fonctions particulières de cadreur sous-marin et de directeur de la photographie pour des films de télévision et des clips vidéo musicaux.

Revenu en France en 2006 pour retrouver ses racines, il réside désormais à Nice. Son activité principale est centrée sur l’industrie de la Grande Plaisance qu’il a contribué à se développer grâce à ses images impressionnantes et innovantes. Une passion de toujours pour la mer, une nouvelle approche visuelle et créative, le privilège de vivre au cœur de la Riviera permettent à Thierry Ameller de mettre son talent au service de l’industrie Marine, dans le but de procurer des résultats bénéfiques à ses clients.

Une passion de toujours pour la mer, une nouvelle approche visuelle et créative, le privilège de vivre au cœur de la Riviera permettent à Thierry Ameller de mettre son talent au service de l’industrie Marine, dans le but de procurer des résultats bénéfiques à ses clients.

Il a réalisé pendant sa carrière plus de 5000 travaux d’une très grande variété ; certains d'entre eux ont exigé de lui un sens des responsabilités propre à assurer la maîtrise d’équipes de techniciens et la direction de nombreux mannequins.

L’expérience créant la différence, Thierry Ameller est toujours prêt à assumer son dernier engagement avec la même ferveur, la même émotion et la même passion qui l'animaient depuis son premier ouvrage.




« Many thanks for the photographs. You’ve done a great job!

I look forward to seeing the finished brochure.

Kind regards »

Stephen Cartwright




« many thanks to you to;) It was great to work with you and this great moments during the Heli shooting. Take your time for finalizing the images, as this should be the best ever been on the market;))

I hope we will work together once in a while. I definitely will recommend you to other captains.»

Stefan Räbisch

Captain M/Y „OKTO“



Dear Thierry, 

You are a maestro!  I am thrilled with your pictures, and will do my very best to make sure you get another chance to get the complete set of shots you need, before she leaves Europe. 

Best regards, 


Andrew Winch
Andrew Winch Designs



« Dear Thierry,

It was great to meet you, you were a pleasure to have onboard. Many thanks for the photos, the one of the Jacuzzi especially looks amazing!

Best regards,

Chris »

Captain Chris May  M/Y ANNAEVA



« Thierry you ROCK!

Thank you so much it was a pleasure to work with you, I would do that again in a heart beat.

All the Best!

Lew »

Captain Lew Pitts  M/Y GEANNELLE



« Hi Thierry

Many thanks for all your efforts with the photo shoot onboard “Diane”. It was good to meet a real artist. We could see that you have a lot of passion for your work.

Best regards from all the crew, and thanks again.

David. »

Captain David Purcell  M/Y DIANE



« I cannot thank you enough for the speed that you have worked with us on this project, and the quality of images that you have produced. It is amazing to work with somebody so professional and committed to their job.

With Kindest Regards,

Carol. »

Captain Carol Benbrook  M/Y SEDATION



« Dear Thierry,

I have seen your photographs of Tatoosh and am impressed with your work. »

Patrick Coote - Marketing Director - Fraser Yachts Worldwide



« Incredibly beautiful Thierry. Wow!! »

Ingrid Prendergast - Administration, Sales & Marketing -  Star Clippers,  ltd



« You are an incredible photographer and have very ethical business skills, we at The Yacht Report Group will certainly be pushing your name and talents where ever we can.

Best wishes,

Caroline »

Caroline Hillier - Creative Director - The SuperYacht Art Agency

To be continued....


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